Birds Of A Feather

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TsuTsu is a 18-year-old mute swan (Cygnus olor) therian, a cis female, a Japanese-American, and an autistic person. Because the swan is a deeply mythic creature in the human imagination, she is very interested in myth, remyth and how understanding of myth and understanding of one’s own therian nature can interact, and particularly in the myths of the swan maiden, selkie, and other “animal brides/grooms”. She’s also interested in social justice and bringing understanding between the social justice and therian/otherkin communities, as she thinks they have a lot to offer each other. Spiritually, she identifies as strongly spiritual with influences from Hermetic tradition, Pagan traditions, Shinto, and her own UPG. You can contact her at tsu

AkhilaAkhila is a 28-year-old French animal-person and transman in the Social Sciences. Being both common raven and clouded leopard – and also as an artist, animist, neuroatypical, gender variant person and more – liminality is a key concept to him, as he regularly has to cross boundaries of many kinds. He found the therian community around 2001 and his writings from the past decade are archived on Thébaïde. While he retains a sociological curiosity about the therian & otherkin communities, his interests lie mostly in the more experiential sort of writings on animality or how one integrates their identity bits and worldview together. If you have any technical issue on the site or want to ask something, feel free to contact him at akhila

MeiryaMeirya has been involved in the therian and otherkin communities since 2002, and is particularly interested in the experiential aspects of being “other” in the here-and-now. Sie identifies as a rough-legged hawk (Buteo lagopus) and has an archetypal identification with the phoenix. Sie is 27 years old, gender-neutral, queer, and has an educational and occupational background in psychology. On a religious and spiritual level, Meir is a Kemetic pagan, is currently studying ceremonial magic with a Golden Dawn temple, and is exploring the concept of living myth in all aspects of life. You can contact hir at meirya


GreyGhostGreyGhost is a relative newcomer to the therian and otherkin communities, but has been writing in private for quite some time. Ze identifies as Northern Goshawk, usually describing zirself as a gryphon – the meeting place between raptor and mammal, between hawk and human. Genderqueer, in the mid-20s and interested in everything from myths to software design to ancient arts, Grey embraces contradiction and frequently amuses zirself by attempting to bridge apparently unbridgeable gaps. Ze can be reached at greyghost

AciesAcies is a fledgling eaglet [read 19] who has been involved in the therian community since late 2008. She has an interest in attempting to put the language of the sky and feathers into something others are able to understand and maybe even relate to. She identifies as a Little Eagle with some passing dreams of genetic grandeur who likes to get out and about in the bush, climb trees and perch on cliff faces.

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