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By Acies

Fledging – about the sky and flight.

Keeping up the Facade – the daily life of an avian person.

The Fall – an experience.


By Adagio

Crow – a perspective on “crow”; links to Thébaïde.

Wintercrow – winter musings of a crow-person; links to Thébaïde.


By Akhila

I am Not One-winged – a raven manifesto. Finding and thinking of one’s identity as a raven.

The Wings, the Sky and the Bird – ponderings over what it means to be a bird and an animal-person.

Raw Raven – thoughts and memories on being common raven.


By Ari

I’ll Only Fly Away – about sometimes being a bird shapeshifter.


By crowgoblin

Tengu-ness – some words from a tengu; links to asiankin@LiveJournal.


By Faileas

Wings – a look into the phenomena of phantom wings.


By GreyGhost

On being a Heavy Bird – thoughts on body, movement and flight.

Eating with a Raptor – senses and taste as a goshawk-person.


By Khamaseen

Who Holds the Sun in Winter – a beautiful, more experiential writing about the weather, outdoors, and an encounter with a hawk.

Power Bird – on Great Horned Owl; links to Feral Limbo.

Body Being – one’s experience of phantom limbs; links to Feral Limbo.


By Kya_rayn

Phoenix: From My Eyes – one’s experience of being a phoenix; links to OKA.


By Meirya

A Raptor’s Primary Senses – touch is vital to a near-sighted hawk

Balancing Feathers and Pinions – the path to internal balance of bird-needs and human-needs began with acceptance.

Cinnamon and Myrrh – identifying with phoenix, and phoenix-nature.

Expressing Hawk – hawk is a heavy bird, muscle and solidity; how to best express hawkness in my physical presentation?

Expressing Phoenix – phoenix flies through ritual and the social dance.

Feathers – what is being a bird; links to Feather and Flame.

North Wind, Winter Sun, Rough-Legged Hawk – seeking the myth behind Buteo lagopus.

The Alien Avian – bird into human is a difficult translation.


By Sonne

On Wings of a Living Past – an exploration of one’s extinct theropod theriotype.


By Sunburn

The Nature of Buzzard – a perspective on being common buzzard.


By Tsu

The purity myth and the liminal mute – about the human idea of mute swans as “pure”, and why they are really not very pure at all.

Heron story – just a simple post, about seeing a heron, and thinking about bird shapes and what feels right.

Birdtistic – autism and being bird.

What Are Birds? We Just Don’t Know: More thoughts on “Finding Bird” – Another attempt to describe “bird nature”.

An injured bird hides – self-discovery is a long journey. This is another small piece of that journey.

I just worked something out. – the experience of phantom wings, and why I have “back wings” instead of “arm wings”.

Exploring your kintype with sumi-e – sculptures and simple paintings, and how they can bring out the spirit of a species.

Dysphoria is not always about wings and tails – some thoughts about other kinds of body dysphoria, posted from my personal journal.

Swan in an owl cage – an interesting experience I had working with barn owls.

What is it like to be a swangirl? – a description of swan feelings for someone who wanted them.

A therian story – a personal description of being bird from a young age.

Religion of the swan – if swans had religion, what would it be?

Freedom Is A Small Word – about flying and the use of the word “freedom”.

Finding Bird – an attempt to discuss, what is bird nature?


By Zedjeb

That Which Snatches And That Which Flies – detailed account of one’s harpy identity.

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